Oysters Fresh from Willapa Bay, WA


Oysters being unloaded at the Bay Center boat launch.

About Us

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Andi’s Email:   ehoyster@willapabay.org

Steve’s Email: oysterboy@reachone.com



Cert#  WA-0687-SS

Elkhorn Oyster Co. is owned by Steve and Andi Shotwell, a husband and wife team.  They both graduated from Western Washington University and ended up working for the same oyster company in the spring of 1991.  They decided to buy the company they were working for and started their own shellstock oyster  business in April of 1995.  Their twin boys, Ray and Tom, were born in May of 1995 and now spend their summers and weekends working for the company.  Elkhorn also employs three part-time workers who are a great asset to the company!




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